About Us

Racots Engineering, is a cooperate entity whose mandate is to offer quality service and products to its stakeholders and the community satisfactorily. We take pride in celebrating our well-seasoned, groomed and experienced technically sound and competent team, which capacitate themselves in technological developments in this dynamic global market.


To be a forceful system that affects the global community through electrical developments, quality services and setting an excellent standard in the engineering industry.


To be an adequately resourced organization for sustainable development through offering uncompromised quality products and services to the community.


•             Trust –  is a fundamental basic business quality characterized by a relationship established between our organization, our clients and our staff. Therefore we endeavor             to do all our business practice heartily that we be a trusted entity.

•             Abilities –  we value high levels of aptitude, skill, competencies and expertise in all we do.

•             Excellence – our consistent pursuit in desiring to outdo the normal make us not to settle for mediocrity, hence making us to improve on every detail which make us be who we are.

•             Dedication – our discontented passion to achieving results causes us to be a committed force in all our business practice, hence making us have an attitude to better our product and services.


1.            Quality leadership

We strive in empowering our leaders through engaging them to leadership development programs, in-house refresher courses and other training programs offered by various institutions. Capacitating our leaders helps us harness the organization smartly.

We believe leaders know the way, show the way and go the way.

2.            Effective Organizational Systems

Is one of the criterion we use to ascertain growth in tenders, cooperate image, marketing and our administration.

3.            Resources

We look forward to growing financially, assets, vehicles and our human resources.

Doing the Right Things…

To ensure we maintain compliance with legislation and act responsibly, we have documented governance standards we work to. We adhere to written policies which help us uphold all matters concerned with Company Issues, Health, Safety and Environment Quality, among other legislation. We review these documents annually to ensure that we are always up to date.

The following documents are available on request:

•             Equal Opportunities Policy

•             Health and Safety Policy

•             Environmental Policy

•             Quality Policy

•             Drugs and Alcohol Policy Introduction