Products & Services

We offer a wide range of electrical services. Our commitmentis that, whatever service you require, we can do it to your satisfaction, whether it be fixing a broken socket, or tubing a cluster of houses…

  1. Domestic Installations
  2. House Wiring
  3. Tubing
  4. Geysers
  5. Re- all Repairs & Maintenance
  6. Single phase and Three phase supply
  7. Other Services…

●             LV Maintenance

ACB Maintenance, MCCB Maintenance, Protection Testing, LV Switchboards, PFC, Distribution Boards, Riser Closets, Feeder Pillars, Surge Arresters, G59 Testing, Motor Starters, Temporary Suppliers, UPS Maintenance, Condition Monitoring, Small Wire Testing, Generation, Standby Generators, PV Cell Systems, CHP Units, Metering

●             HV Maintenance (Up To 11kV)

Oil Switchgear, Vacuum Switchgear, SF6 Switchgear, Protection Testing, Oil Analysis, Resin Tx Maintenance, Busbar Inspection, Cable End-Box Inspection, Air Switchgear,SFRA Testing, Cable Fault Location, VLF Pressure Testing, AP/SP Training, Discrimination Study, Power Quality Analysis, System Analysis, Safe Systems of Work, Utility

AP/SAP Training

●             Asset Management

COMA, Asset Assessment, Whole-Life Costs, Dilapidation Study, SOP/NeDER Evaluation, Thermo-graphic Survey, Partial Discharge Testing, Sweep Frequency Response Analysis, Dissolved Gas Analysis

●             Construction

HV & LV Cable Jointing, Commissioning, Switchgear Installation, Transformer Installation, Grid TX Installation, Project Management, Cable Pulling & Containment, Excavation, Plant Movements, Temporary Suppliers, Condition Monitoring, Breaker Timing Tests, Conservation Inspection, Generation, Standby Generators, Wind Farm

Systems, CHP Units, Metering

●             HV Maintenance (22kV & Above)

Oil Switchgear, Vacuum Switchgear, SF6 Switchgear, Air Switchgear, SF6 Testing, Oil Transformers, On-Load Tap Changer, Protection, Pressure Air Systems, Conservator Inspections, Generation, Hazardous Area, Visual, Close and Detailed Inspection, Lighting System Testing and Inspection


Standby Cable, Spiking Cable, Testing, Partial Discharge Testing, Control Wiring, Project Specification, Regulated Networks, Wind Farm Generation, PV Cell Generation, CHP Generation Other Services